Dry eye occurs when the eyes do not make enough tears, or the tears evaporate rapidly. This causes the eyes to dry out, becoming red and irritated. Dry eye is generally caused by an imbalance in your tear-flow system, but can also be caused by external factors such as air conditioning, which dries out your tear film, and heavy computer use, which causes you to blink less frequently.

Most Common Symptoms

Some of the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye include:

•   Dry, gritty or sore feeling in the eyes that gets worse throughout the day

•   Red, burning eyes

•   Eyelids that stick together, particularly when you first wake up

•   Vision that temporarily gets blurry, but improves upon blinking

How Dry Eye Treatment Can Help?

Those looking for dry eye treatment in Shepparton can attend our speciality dry eye clinic.  More than just providing lubricating eye drops, the Graham Hill Eyecare dry eye clinic can also provide antiseptic eyelid cleansers, heat compresses and the very effective in house blephasteam treatment.  Blephasteam is an highly effective heat treatment for the tear producing glands of the eyelids to improve your eyes ability to produce their own tear ingredients.

Contact Us, We can Help.

Graham Hill Eyecare are the leading providers of dry eye treatment in Shepparton, providing appropriate eye drops, cleaning agents and heat treatments to improve your dry eyes and eye comfort. Book online or call us on 58212811 for treatment or more information.  Sally O’Brien, Sao Tyler, Jenni Sorraghan and Natasha Boase specialise in dry eye treatment.