Graham Hill Eyecare • Spectacle Lenses & Service Department


We are proud to supply the latest advances in spectacle lens technology.  Modern spectacle lenses are available with the following options:

  • Thinner/ lighter and flatter lenses
  • Anti-reflective coatings to reduce reflections and improve night vision
  • Blue coatings to reduce computer screen eye fatigue
  • New Photochromatic/ transitions technology that changes colour faster
  • Improved surface technology to increase the clear zones in multifocal glasses

Graham Hill Eyecare Service Department.  Trevor Mackenzie is a qualified optical dispenser with over 30 years of experience.  Our professional service department ensures the correct prescription lens advice, efficient production times and allows for the majority of repairs to be done on-site and on the same day.

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Graham Hill Eyecare • Lens Design Options

Lens Design Options

Single Focus Lenses have only one prescriptive power throughout the whole lens. They can be used in general viewing, distance-only or near-only glasses, depending on your visual requirements.

Extended reading lenses have a partially graduated design, which varies in strength a small degree from the upper to the lower part of the lens. These are often useful for children and high-volume computer users.

Bifocal lenses were the original design combining both a distance and near power into the same lens. They have a visible reading segment and are now used less commonly than multifocal lenses.

Multifocal lenses are now the lens design of choice for the majority of people who require a separate distance and reading strength. Our Australian manufacturer of multifocal lenses uses the pinnacle of German engineering to provide lenses with the greatest clear zones available.

Graham Hill Eyecare • Spectacle Frames


Spectacle frames available at Graham Hill Eyecare are chosen by our team to ensure that our range is of high standard, great comfort and current season trends.   Our ranges are constantly updated to ensure that the latest fashion is available. All frames are available with a variable warranty of up to 2 years against manufacturing fault and all frames are serviced on site by our qualified technician.

Graham Hill Eyecare stocks an extensve range of fashion frames, budget frames, safety glasses, sports glasses and sunglasses. We also stock frame ranges exclusive to the area such as the iconic Dior eyewear range.  We are sure that we have the largest and best selection of frames in the region. Our staff regularly visit optical trade fairs to obtain advanced knowledge of fashion trends.

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Some of the brands we are proud to stock include:

• Prada • RayBan• CoCo Song • Furla • Porsche • Gucci • Kate Spade • Ted Baker • Nina Ricci • Adidas • Face a Face • Kenzo • Silhouette • Anne Klein • Nine West • Nike • Dragon • Fendi • Oakley • Salvatore Ferragamo • Fleye• Nautica • Christian Lacroix•Oroton• Guess• Calvin Klein