The human visual system undergoes rapid development in the first few years of life.  Early diagnosis of eye problems is critical to ensure high quality vision and optimum learning opportunities. 

Graham Hill Eyecare provideS expert children’s eye tests in Shepparton and quality kids’ prescription glasses too , allowing you to ensure your child receives the support they need to keep up in our ever increasingly visually-demanding world.  

The children’s optometrists at our Shepparton clinic recommend that all children should receive an eye examination prior to commencing school to ensure there are no visual factors that could impede their ability to learn. For most children, we recommend further examinations every 2-3 years. We can even conduct eye examinations for infants who are just a few weeks old if you suspect they may have a visual problem. 

Graham Hill Eyecare provides children’s prescription glasses to Shepparton locals looking for customised and quality solutions. Whether your child is an infant or a teenager, our eye tests and prescription glasses can be tailored to suit their needs and support their ongoing eye health. 


The most common visual problem among children is myopia, or short-sightedness. With increased near vision activities, a recent study showed the prevalence of myopia doubled in Australia between 2005 and 2011 amongst 12 year olds.  

Myopia can make it difficult for children to read the whiteboard in class or participate in activities, meaning it’s imperative to identify the issue early on and provide suitable prescription glasses.  In addition to treating short sightedness with glasses, our optometrists are expertly trained to utilise the latest research in limiting the progression of myopia through the use of medicated eye drops, enhanced glasses and specialised contact lenses call Ortho-k (see speciality services).  An appointment with our children's vision optometrist team will identify the best treatment for your child.
If your child seems to experience difficulty when reading, frequent headaches, rubs their eyes or otherwise cannot keep up in class, book an appointment with our expert children’s optometrist in Shepparton, Graham Hill Eyecare. 

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Graham Hill Eyecare can also offer Visual Perception assessments.  Primary School-aged children who are exhibiting learning difficulties may benefit from specialised testing of their visual perception and therefore their ability to interpret and understand complex visual information.  These skills are important developmental skills during Primary School years. 

For caring, friendly and thorough children’s optometrists in Shepparton, Graham Hill Eyecare is here to help – contact our team today to make an appointment.