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Children’s Eyecare


At Graham Hill Eyecare, we provide expert children’s eye tests that can be tailored to your child’s age and needs. This includes Visual Perception assessments, which are important particularly for primary school aged children who are exhibiting learning difficulties. We even offer eye examinations for infants just a few weeks old if you suspect they may have a visual problem. We also stock a great range of high-quality prescription glasses for kids and teenagers. 

Diagnosis of any vision problems is crucial for a child’s development. With clear vision, a child has the best learning opportunities. We recommend that all children receive an eye examination prior to starting school to ensure there are no visual factors that could impede their ability to learn. For most children, we recommend further examinations every two to three years. If your child seems to experience difficulty when reading, has frequent headaches, rubs their eyes often or has trouble keeping up in class, we recommend booking an appointment with our expert children’s optometrists as soon as possible.


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