Regular eye tests are essential for identifying any signs of eye disease or catering to your eyes and life’s changing needs. Because vision impairment can occur slowly and subtly, a regular professional eye examination is important to correctly identify any changes with your eyes.

Eye Test Duration

A general eye examination takes around 30 minutes, with some variation depending on the complexity of your needs.  The first few minutes will be spent taking a detailed history, which will include questions about your current symptoms, previous injuries or treatments, family history of eye diseases and a brief rundown on your general health. It is useful to bring a list of any current medications you are taking – many of these can have side effects on the eyes. Your vision is then measured and the possible need for visual aids such as glasses or contact lenses is discussed.

Bulk Billed Eye Examinations

Graham Hill Eyecare are proud to provide bulk billed eye tests to Shepparton residents and residents of the Goulburn Valley and surrounding areas.  This allows you to monitor the eye health of you and your family and seek the appropriate treatment as required. 

To book an appointment for your bulk billed eye test at our Shepparton, click on the appointment link on this page and you will be guided through the booking process.